Valentine 2017


Hey? Hello?

Aw, I’m late again… I stayed up all night trying to write something extra-special, since, you know, today’s a special day. You can show your affection for someone special every day, but today, today’s one where you gotta do a little extra.

But, you know, I looked through a dozen stores, and none of those cards had what I wanted to say in mind! So I thought, well, maybe I’ll write my own instead. The only thing worse than a gift not given is a bad gift, right? That’s how it’s always been. You don’t just buy someone something without thinking about it. Gifts are precious because they say a lot about you, and how much you care for that person!

But, I’m not really good with words… I can’t make myself sound fancy like a lot of the other girls. And, like, asking you to be MY valentine? It just feels a bit off. You aren’t a thing, you’re a person that I like a whole lot! Is it really okay for me to ask you to belong to me? I don’t think so. 

So, uh. Here’s what I ended up writing.

“From Okie, with lots of love. Thank you for everything.”

So I guess it’s not really a card but more like a note instead… Ack, maybe I should have found a bigger sticker or something….

I, I’ll be seeing if the dinner party still need any last minute help! T-talk to you later!