(2016) President Trump!

From the NYT this morning:

(2016) President Trump!

They’re still counting now, but I think we’re looking at maybe 300+ EVs.

I’m exhausted. I stayed up all night watching the results roll in, but this’ll be one for the history books. No blow-for-blow for now. We’ll save that for the actual book, or for an actual piece where we’re going to illustrate the events of that night.

What was more remarkable perhaps is the fact that the Republicans kept both the House AND the Senate. What was even more remarkable was how wrong the pollsters have all been. Just go on a site like RealClearPolitics with aggregates and see for yourself. Or major, major news networks.

Or go to well-respected, highly accurate and critically acclaimed sources such as FiveThirtyEight and see the resultant meltdown.

Or stuff like this, where I watched the NYT ticker go from this to this and finally to > 95%.

I didn’t save a screenshot of that unfortunately, so maybe one of you autists or centipedes could send one to me, I’d be tremendously grateful –

Who am I kidding. I’ll go google it and get it myself in a bit. Here. That’s the thing I’m talking about.

I hope something could be learned from this matter. A very close friend of mine was telling me yesterday that this kind of thing happen whenever our intellectual elites become far removed from everyone else. Perhaps now they, or we, will finally do a bit of soul searching and figure out just what happened. But I’m honestly not holding my breath. Especially when the media is not only melting down, but actively scrubbing its content.

In the above example, if you thought he’s a sexist or a racist or _______, that’s not going to change just because he wins an election. So why not stick to your guns? What’s your excuse?

Look.  Let’s face it. We’ve invented a reality for ourselves, and yesterday was the best example of that illusion being shattered in recent history. Some folks might have been far-sighted enough to see it. Others? Well, now you see things for what they are. If we were actually smarter, we would have noticed much sooner. The people that did not want to see this outcome have no one to blame but themselves.


Like I said back in the NJ piece, Mr. Trump offered us a deal. By now, the results are clear. We the American people took it, and we’ll expect him to make good on his promise as we’ll make good on ours. Yesterday he offered a simple but inspiring speech. Before then, he offered us a contract.

We’ll be holding him to his word. I believe Mr. Trump understands how to make deals, and more importantly, I do believe that he’ll be able to close them as well. Let’s wait and see. Let’s take responsibility, and let’s go out there and actually do something to Make America Great – again, now, or in the future.

Of course, thanks to that twelve hour time-zone difference, Sima was able to blitz one out immediately for the aftermath.

From left to right: Iowa, Pennsylvania (Pennsy), and Wisconsin (Wisky). Again, for curious folks, for the purpose of this mini-series, they represent US states that was flipped by the Trump campaign.

Where’s Florida and Ohio and Michigan you ask? Well, Michigan we never designed a character for. Ohio is currently being worked on for our next book so she’s not ready to show her face, and Florida, being Florida, is probably literally off getting drunk somewhere.

If you’re just coming into the action now, you can probably take a look at this post here, where I document my journey. For now, though?  Here’s hoping that our faith isn’t misplaced. For better or for worse, we now live in a new era. 🙂

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